Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sustainable HPS theorycrafting

Tangedyn writes:
I was not satisfied with TreeCalcs having 2 different metrics. Although sound in theory, in practice hardly anyone knows how to use the 2 different metrics which is why most people seem to simply ignore MPS and look at HPS... which severely overinflates the value of Haste Rating. My model combines the two into one measure called "Sustainable HPS", basically the maximum sustainable HPS given available mana.
I'm delighted to see this kind of theorycrafting. Here is a link to the spreadsheet.

Tagedyn calculates over several healing models. To give an idea of the results, here are the relative stat values for the model where you roll lifebloom and rejuvenation on a tank and then focus on the raid:
  • int: 1.0000
  • sp: 0.3907
  • spi: 0.3707
  • mastery: 0.2099
  • crit: 0.1694
  • haste: 0.0756
A few things to note:
  • Intellect is the best, followed distantly by spirit, followed distantly by mastery and crit.
  • Haste is rock bottom of the barrel, both for raid healing and tank healing. This is counterintuitive, because it is king for max throughput. Max throughput just isn't that important.
  • Intellect is way ahead of other stats. Always choose higher-intellect gear when you have a choice. Notably, trinkets with int should be the better choice even across ilvls. Trinkets with both int and spirit are vastly better.
One thing I wish Tegedyn would add is support for raw mp5. This would be helpful in evaluating, for example, the on-use effect of the Jar of Remedies.

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