Monday, May 16, 2011

Why archaeology > fishing

Alas has a post up on the best part of archaeology:
I haven’t paid much attention to minute details of terrain at all in years.... Until Archaeology. Until I zoomed in and realized for the first time that Un’Goro is carpeted not with short grass but ferns with great fronds that stand as high as my human mage does. Then I glimpsed the stark beauty of the tangled and naked trees in Dustwallow Marsh that stand against a pale pink and vanilla sky and the rich autumnal colors of the tall grasses that move there. The vibrant jungle flowers scattered across Stranglethorn remind me of the flowers my sister received from her mother in law in Hawaii for her birthday.

A great thing about Warcraft is that there are a number of different things you can do depending on your mood. Sometimes you just want to chill and slowly work on some sort of goal or achievement. I used to fish all the time, but now I would be more likely to go dig in the dirt. It's quite enjoyable flying around Azeroth and taking in the scenery.

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