Sunday, November 14, 2010

RestoDude on gearing and professions

RestoDude has an excellent summary up on gearing up a restoration druid in Cataclysm. It assumes you nothing, and it includes stats,

I hope it gets updated over time. I have a few comments on the details:

  • Spirit is not restoration-only. For restoration it gives mana regen, and for moonkin, it gives hit. Blizzard is always trying to make spirit valuable for all casters, and this is their latest effort.
  • It's true that mana regen is especially valuable at lower gear levels, but spirit isn't the best way to get it. In early Wrath, it made sense to gem for spirit if you were low on regen. In Cataclysm, you should gem intellect.
  • Herbalism is better than RestoDude says. It gives an extra cooldown besides Tree of Life for improved healing. You can either use it separately or macro it together with Tree, but either way it's a very helpful cooldown. Haste is great.

These are just nits. It's a great one-stop article for gearing up restoration druids in Cataclysm.

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